Chimney Sweep Service

Dallas Chimney Sweep and Chimney Inspections

Dallas Residents get a discount...

Our company would like to extend to our Dallas, residents a complete Chimney Inspection at a discount. Our chimney checks include:

  1. Smoking in the Living Room
  2. Leaks in the Attic
  3. Critters in the Creosote
  4. Check Creosote Buildup
  5. Inspect for Chimney Blockages
  6. Check Cracks Or Holes In The Flue
  7. Check for Brickwork Problems
  8. Inspect the Chimney Cap and Chimney Crown
  9. Check for Firebox Problems
  10. Inspect Chimney for Water Infiltration
  11. Check for any Improper Dimensions
  12. and more...


Dallas Chimney Cleaning and Fireplace Tips

Here are a few common things to check before scheduling your chimney service.

  1. Immediately stop use if you suspect something maybe wrong
  2. Ensure that you have not used your firplace withing the last 24 hours of service
  3. If you are using your fireplace for the first time in the season, ensure that you have your damper open.
  4. Ensure that you have annual chimney inspections and when needed chimney sweeps!

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