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Chimney Sweep & Chimney Cleaning
in Dallas, TX

We provide the best in Chimney Sweeping and Chimney cleaning for homeowners in Dallas, TX. We are especially proud to offer exclusive chimney sweep specials in Dallas.



Chimney Sweep in Dallas, TX

Our company would like an opportunity to show you that we provide the best source for chimney sweep services available at an affordable price. When it comes to making chimney repairs we utilize the industry's best practices available at an incredible value.

Our company uses only the best equipment and maintains a highly skilled staff. This ensures that all chimney repairs and chimney cleaning services are done right the first time, using the industry's best practices. We are sure that our superior services are going to meet and exceed your expectations.


Why Choose us for your Dallas, TX chimney sweep and fireplace cleaning service company?

  • We do not charge by the hour
  • We provide all possible options and solutions for repairs or replacements
  • We strive to provide the best value to every one of our customers
  • We offer detailed inspections and complete restorative cleanings
  • We offer discounts for Club Members
  • We stand behind all performed work with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee


Dallas Chimney Sweeping & Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Sweep Service and Chimney Repairs. We are ready to handle your chimney sweep of repair. We ensure that every repair is performed with exceptional expertise and is guaranteed. If you are a resident of Dallas look no further for your professional chimney sweep and cleaning company.

Chimney inspections and safety checks. When it comes to making sure your chimney is working properly consider scheduling a Dallas chimney inspection! Our 30-point chimney check is perfect for making sure your chimney is working at it's best! Right now is the best time for Dallas residents to save more on there complete chimney check!


The Best Chimney Sweep in Dallas, TX

Why do so many people choose us to care for their Chimneys?

When it comes to complete and detailed care for your chimney and fireplace, you can be sure to always expect great service! We have applied the experience and knowledge from chimney sweeps across the United States to formulate the very best in customer service,and easy to understand pricing. Once we had the best we simply asked how we could give our clients more.

  1. We give you more options on customizing the specific needs for you and your chimney..
  2. We assist you with more discounts on chimney sweeps, chimney repairs, and fireplace cleaning needs.
  3. We provide you with highly qualified and customer friendly technicians who devote more time to properly repair or sweep your chimney.


Common Reasons To Sweep you Chimney


Why do I need to have my chimney/flue swept?

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How do I keep birds out of my chimney?

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How often does my chimney need sweeping?

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Chimney Sweep Service

Dallas Chimney Sweep and Chimney Inspections

Dallas Residents get a discount...

Our company would like to extend to our Dallas, TX residents a complete Chimney Inspection at a discount. Our chimney checks include:

  1. Smoking in the Living Room
  2. Leaks in the Attic
  3. Critters in the Creosote
  4. Check Creosote Buildup
  5. Inspect for Chimney Blockages
  6. Check Cracks Or Holes In The Flue
  7. Check for Brickwork Problems
  8. Inspect the Chimney Cap and Chimney Crown
  9. Check for Firebox Problems
  10. Inspect Chimney for Water Infiltration
  11. Check for any Improper Dimensions
  12. and more...


Dallas Chimney Cleaning and Fireplace Tips

Here are a few common things to check before scheduling your chimney service.

  1. Immediately stop use if you suspect something maybe wrong
  2. Ensure that you have not used your firplace withing the last 24 hours of service
  3. If you are using your fireplace for the first time in the season, ensure that you have your damper open.
  4. Ensure that you have annual chimney inspections and when needed chimney sweeps!

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